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Targeted Organic & Social Media WEB TRAFFIC


Targeted Organic & Social Media WEB TRAFFIC




It’s a premium promotion campaign

Get targeted organic web traffic for 30 days from main search engines and social websites.

– from 100 to 300 Daily Web Visitors for 1 Month;
– Organic Web Traffic;
– Social Web Traffic;
– worldwide mobile & PC traffic: most include US and EU
– 100% Adsense safe Traffic
– live tracking link provided to monitor your web traffic
– Real Web traffic on google analytics.
– 30 days of mobile web traffic.

Almost all links are accepted (including adult), but except illegal, download, shortened (only and are accepted), streaming (video & audio) links, or other landing pages.

– I can’t guarantee or offer signups, subscriptions, sales, votes, etc.
– I can’t replace the link/URL if the traffic campaign has started;
– I reserve the right to reject some orders.

Q: I see no traffic or less traffic than or stats
A: There are a lot of reasons to get different traffic data!

1) The most common reasons (99%) are the website loading time and 503 server errors due to a cheap hosting plan, or even of using a free/trial hosting plan, not enough server resources (like RAM); if your hosting plan is overloaded after 50, 20, 10 or even 5 visits per second, then you should change it as soon as possible.

2) Please check again if you implemented the right way your tracking analytics counter (Google Analytics code or any private stats counter code); also, Google Analytics and a lot of other tracking systems don’t record all visits, especially under 1 minute, and if your website is full loaded, let’s say in 20 seconds, then GA or other statistic counter will record visits with 20 seconds less (or 1 minute + 20 seconds loading time = it means GA will not record visits that count less than 1 min and 20 seconds). So, still you believe that GA is an easy and legit statistics counter to show you all traffic data?

3) Please avoid using any web traffic filters or related plugins, or captchas, Cloudflare or other things that filter your traffic. I know, they promise you only real traffic, but in reality, most visitors will leave your website asap since they have to type any captchas.

Q: I get a low bounce rate or no sales
A: Are you sure it’s my fault?
It’s my interest to help you, but many buyers from here believe that some “dark forces” will force the visitors to like, subscribe, and even buy goods and services sold by any website. Other buyers from here, especially from the 3rd world, expect that with $1 they will become billionaires.

Let’s be serious! A visitor will stay more than 5 seconds on your website only if it’s interesting. For example, if you sell wind turbines for $20,000, then do not expect to sell anyone with $5 or even with $100 invested in web traffic.

I don’t accept orders from new, blank or suspicious buyer profiles (get some reviews from other sellers, and then you’re welcomed). Also, your buyer rating should be 100%.


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